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C'River Evacuates Mentally challenge Persons From Streets of Calabar

The Government of Cross River has commenced evacuation of mentally challenged persons from the Calabar metropolis.

The exercise is been carried out by the Calabar Urban Development Authority (CUDA).

The affected persons are taken to a rehab at Uwanse axis off Mount Zion in Calabar Show.

Governor Bassey Otu recently inaugurated a mental holding center as part of his administration's one-year celebration in office.

As at the time of going to the press,  the holding center had already registered over 30 inmates.

Speaking on the matter on Monday, the executive director of CUDA, Chief Effiong Ayi, said  the aim of the exercise is to address the pressing issue of mental health in the metropolis proactively.

He said: "The primary goal of this exercise is to eliminate the large presence of mentally challenged individuals in our metropolis and facilitate their rehabilitation, enabling them to lead productive lives in our society.

"The urgency of the operation is due to the increasing number of mentally challenged persons causing disturbances within the city.

"The completion and reopening of the remand center by the governor prompted this exercise.

"The increasing number of these persons in the city has brought about various challenges and disturbances within the metropolis," he stated.

Speaking on their rehabilitation, he said: "They will be provided with the care and treatment they require, and once they regain sanity, they will be reintegrated into society.

"This initiative not only aims to resolve the immediate concerns related to mentally challenged individuals in Calabar but also aligns with best practices in maintaining a safe and serene metropolis.

"The state's approach signifies a significant step towards improving public health and safety, ensuring that those affected receive the necessary support and rehabilitation to reintegrate successfully into society."

According to him, the holding center is equipped with essential amenities including a standby generator, water supply, and cooking facilities to ensure the well-being of the inmates.

By Ndifreke Bassey, The Beagle News