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Ex-NASS members meet in Calabar, strategize for food security

Members of the National Assembly from the 1st to 4th Republic Forum gathered in Calabar to discuss the state of the nation, with a key focus on food security.

The event took place at the Metropolitan Hotel in Calabar, with the theme “Food Security: The Imperative of Nigerians is Sacrosanct in the 21st Century Nigeria.”

Senator Princess Florence Ita Giwa chaired the event, which included activities like honouring an iconic National Assembly figure and a reception for Governor Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu of Cross River state.

In her opening speech, Senator Giwa highlighted the importance of discussing national issues after elections. Former Senate President, Senator Ameh Ebute, emphasized the perpetual role of senators and the need to address food availability in the country.

Guest lecturer, Prof Augustine Ogogo, underscored the concerning increase in food inflation since 2014 and the various agricultural interventions undertaken since 1970 to ensure food security.

One of the major challenges in the agricultural sector, as pointed out by Ogogo, is corruption. This diversion of agricultural funds by politicians hampers market access and perpetuates poverty among small-scale farmers.

Commissioner for information, Erasmus Ekpang, commended the unity demonstrated by former legislators and the state’s robust agricultural policies in promoting food security.

The Governor’s commendable efforts towards promoting agriculture was also acknowledged, with the launch of a 2,000-hectare farmland as a demonstration of the state’s commitment to food security.

The event concluded with the honour bestowed on Governor Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu with the Icon of National Assembly award.

Joseph Abasi-Abasi, Nigerian Tribune