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His Excellency, Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu, the Executive Governor of Cross River State Commissions 200 KVA Solar Infrastructure

His Excellency, Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu, alongside Deputy Governor Rt. Hon. Peter Odey, Justin Beshel, Hon. Commissioner of Science and Technology, the Accountant General, and Mr. Ugi Augustine Ugi, President of Nugi Group, cutting the ribbon at the commissioning of the 200 KVA Solar Infrastructure

In a major step forward for Cross River State, the Executive Governor, His Excellency, Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu marked his first anniversary by commissioning the 200 KVA Solar Power Infrastructure on May 29, 2024, at the Office of the Accountant General. In attendance were the Deputy Governor of Cross River State, Rt. Hon. Peter Odey, the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem,  DG, Office of the Accountant General, Commissioner for Lands, Commissioner for Finance, Commissioner for Justice, Commissioner for Science and Technology, Group President, Nugi Technologies, Mr Ugi, Augustine Ugi, Staff of all Ministries, National Youth Corps Members and Well-wishers. This event highlights Governor Otu's dedication to sustainable development, energy efficiency, and transforming the State through technology.

Governor Otu's vision for Cross River State includes a future where the State relies less on conventional power sources, ensuring a reliable power supply and enhancing government efficiency. The newly commissioned solar power units, part of this vision, have been allocated to key ministries and institutions such as:

  • Office of the Accountant General: 9 units of 11KVA hybrid inverters and 95 solar panels ensure uninterrupted financial operations.
  • College of Health Technology: 6 inverters and 36 solar panels maintain continuous functionality of medical equipment and academic activities.
  • Ministry of Science and Technology: 2 units of 5KVA inverters and 36 solar panels support innovative projects.
  • Ministry of Finance: 2 units of 5KVA inverters and 36 solar panels facilitate smooth financial operations.
  • Ministry of Justice: 3 units of 5KVA inverters and 60 solar panels ensure legal proceedings and administrative functions run without interruptions.
  • Cross River State Internal Revenue Service: A mix of 8KVA and 5KVA inverters and 72 solar panels enable seamless tax administration.
  • Cross River Geographic Information Agency: 3 inverters and 36 solar panels maintain efficient digital mapping and geographic information systems.
  • Office of the Surveyor General: 1 unit of 5KVA inverters and 18 solar panels support critical surveying and mapping activities.
  • Due Process and Price Intelligence Bureau: 2 units of 5KVA inverters and 34 solar panels ensure transparent procurement processes.

Alongside the solar power infrastructure, advanced software solutions have been deployed to enhance the efficiency of various government departments:

Cross River Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

  • Central Payment and Authentication System (CAS): Integrates payment data from various sources, providing a comprehensive view of financial activities.
  • IRS Tax Management System (TMS): Includes modules like the Taxpayer’s Self-Service portal, Consultant Management Portal, and MDA Payment Portal. Features of the TMS include TIN generation, self-assessment, tax clearance application and verification, and more.

Cross River State Forestry Commission

  • Cross River PayPoint I Mobile Application: Facilitates offline and online collections, enrolls new taxpayers, and manages truck verification and payments at forestry checkpoints.

Due Process

  • Due Process Portal: Manages due process registration, and certification approval, and provides detailed reports for decision-making.

Carnival Commission

  • Carnival Commission Website: Showcases the Calabar Carnival, event dates, and full festival schedule.

Science and Technology

  • Cross River State Website and Blog: Central hub for information and updates about government activities and technological advancements

Ministry of Lands

  • Ministry of Lands Website: Provides comprehensive information on land administration, policies, and services. This platform enhances transparency and access to critical land-related information, aiding citizens and businesses in navigating land ownership and development processes.

Ministry of Finance

  • Ministry of Finance Website: Offers detailed insights into the State's financial management, budgetary allocations, and fiscal policies. The platform ensures transparency and accountability, providing citizens with up-to-date information on the financial health and priorities of the State.

Cross River State Judiciary

  • Cross River PayPoint I Mobile Application: Supports offline and online collections of court-related fees and taxpayer enrolment.

Cross River Geographic Information Agency (GIA)

  • GIA Portal: Handles processing of Certificates of Occupancy (C of O), document indexing, search reports, and document archiving. This portal supports efficient land management and ensures that land records are easily accessible and well-maintained

Ministry of Education

  • Cross River Pay Edu I Mobile Application: Facilitates student enumeration and displays real-time school data, aiding in educational planning and resource allocation.
  • Education Management Systems for the University of Cross River State and College of Health Technology: These systems streamline administrative processes, enhance communication, and improve the overall educational experience for students and staff.

Governor’s Mobile Application

  • Used by His Excellency for real-time revenue tracking and reporting, including land administration functions. This application ensures that the Governor has immediate access to all financial data and revenue streams.

My Cross River App
A user-friendly platform that connects citizens with government services, provides access to information and fosters community engagement. The app enhances the interaction between the government and its citizens, making it easier for people to access services and stay informed about State initiatives. It provides convenient access to various governmental services, including tax payments and bill payments, all via smartphones. Additionally, it functions as a central hub for distributing information about government initiatives, events, and news, ensuring citizens remain informed and engaged in governance

Governor Otu's Commitment and Vision
Governor Otu's commitment to sustainable development and technological progress is evident in these initiatives. As phase one concludes, phase two has already begun, promising even more improvements and innovations.

"Our goal is to create a state where technology and sustainability drive our progress. The commissioning of this solar power infrastructure marks just the beginning of many more advancements to come. We are committed to making Cross River State a leader in innovation and efficiency," said Governor Otu

The Governor also thanked the Group President of Nugi Technologies, Mr. Ugi Augustine Ugi, for his resilience, doggedness, and commitment to driving technological adoption in the State.

The commissioning of the 200 KVA Solar Power Infrastructure is a significant milestone in Governor Bassey Otu's first year in office. By providing reliable solar power and deploying advanced software solutions, Cross River State is on a path towards a sustainable and technologically advanced future. Governor Otu's dedication to progress and efficiency sets a strong foundation for the State's continued growth and prosperity.

This laudable initiative not only addresses the immediate power needs of critical government functions but also lays the groundwork for a resilient and efficient public service infrastructure. The focus on sustainable energy and cutting-edge technology reflects Governor Otu's forward-thinking approach and his commitment to leveraging innovation for the betterment of Cross River State. As the State moves forward with phase two, the potential for further advancements promises to bring even more significant benefits to its citizens, fostering an environment of growth, transparency, and modernity.

For detailed information about the technological progress in Cross River State, click through this link: