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Otu dedicates Supreme Court Victory To Electorate

Governor Bassey Otu says his victory on Friday, January 12, 2024 belongs to the electorate who braved all the odds on March 18, 2023, to vote for him and the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Speaking shortly after the Apex Court threw out the appeals of the PDP, Governor Otu said, “you (electorate) demonstrated your dedication to our nation by braving the elements, sacrificing your time, and putting aside personal endeavors to answer the call to vote for the candidate who would lead Cross River State as Governor.”

The Governor stressed that with the outcome of the election finally laid to rest, “it is now a time for statesmanship. As your Governor, I humbly call upon the wisdom and expertise of our esteemed statesmen to join me in building a prosperous and egalitarian Cross River State. We need your patriotism, peace, empathy, zeal, and integrity to achieve the vision we all desire for our state.

“To my esteemed electorate, I wish to state categorically that the scorching sun, the howling wind and other elements you braved while you queued patiently to cast your vote for me, is an opportunity cost for good governance. I cherish your sacrifice, I salute your courage.”

He re-affirmed his “commitment to good governance by ensuring that the citizens are healthy, well-educated, prosperous and socially empowered to compete favourably with their contemporaries in other states. This is the trajectory of my administration - which is people-centred. Governance is a convergence of ideas, no matter how diverse they may be.

“Therefore, I welcome opinions and constructive criticisms from well-meaning Cross Riverians both within Nigeria and in the Diaspora. Together, we are determined to bring smiles to the faces of our people. By working together with love, we can lighten the load and achieve our goals.