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Residents, Motorists Laud Gov. Otu Over Resuscitation Of Traffic Lights In Calabar Metropolis

Motorists in Calabar have applauded the state governor, Senator Bassey Otu for revamping traffic lights in the capital city for seamless vehicular flow.

Recall that that the traffic lights in Calabar went camotoe due years of neglect leading to chaotic traffic scenarios at major road network in Calabar.

Speaking with our reporters, a commercial mini bus driver, Etim Okon said " the return of traffic lights to our streets have enhence the aesthetics of the city and minimise traffic congestions especially along major intersections".

He noted that the resuscitation of traffic lights is a major relief to residents and travelers who have long endured the frustration of navigating through the city's busy intersections without organized traffic signals.

In his words"The lack of traffic lights before the advent of the new new administration not only led to traffic jams but also posed significant safety and security hazards for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Also speaking, another motorist, Floxy Ugbshi, remarked that the ever increasing traffic scenes in the ancient city demanded traffic lights for ease of vehicular movements.

She noted the reintroduction of traffic lights is expected to ease congestion, improve road safety, and enhance overall traffic flow in Calabar.

Residents who spoke with THE BEAGLES NEWS expressed delight with the return of traffic lights, stating that "The return of traffic lights is a welcome development. It will not only improve the flow of traffic but also make our roads safer for everyone."

They maintained that reintroduction of traffic lights in Calabar is a reflectiont of the government's commitment to enhancing infrastructure and fostering sustainable urban development.

By Ben Gbor, The Beagle News